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  We've Got You Covered From Coast to Coast

Are you or any of your party members from out of town?  Don't worry, we've got you covered. All you have to do is send us your measurements via our website (Send Measurements) and we will do the rest. Have questions about your sizes or the process? You can call any of our locations and an actual person will talk you through it. Most importantly, since we carry merchandise in house and do alterations while you wait, once you arrive in town, we can make sure the tuxedo or suit is the right fit for you.

Why carry a tux on a plane, train or automobile? It's just one more thing to keep track of and hope it doesn't get lost, wrinkled or damaged in the process.

Is it convenient to order from an online company and have it shipped to you? NOT if you want to make sure it is the right fit and the right merchandise. It's not convenient to take the time to ship items back because they don't fit, wait for new ones to arrive, hope that it fits, and don't forget...it's been in a box so you will have to press it before wearing.

Our specialists will make sure each tuxedo or suit is fitted properly, pressed and ready to wear for the big event. Now that's convenient!


  WHY Formally Modern Tuxedo


Formally Modern Tuxedo is an independently owned formalwear operation, with each locale tailored to meet your needs. Whatever your tastes, Formally Modern Tuxedo offers superb quality and the most fashionable garments. Grooms, groomsmen, men who have to go formal for any event; everyone will find themselves more at home at Formally Modern Tuxedo than any other menswear store.



From the beginning, Formally Modern Tuxedo was an independently owned company comprised of a number of industry veterans with over 150 years of combined experience in men's formalwear in the Chicagoland area. The group most recently comes from another men's retailer that was purchased by the May Group. It was then sold and purchased again in early 2005 by Federated (Macys) before being sold once more and finally consolidated. You probably get where we're going here. A corporate behemoth sucked the life out of a smaller business.

What's all the fuss about being independently owned? Formally Modern Tuxedo came to be because a group of formalwear industry veterans were increasingly frustrated with huge conglomerates. These corporations would take over privately owned stores and turn them into impersonal templates run from executive offices in other states. When a men's formalwear chain has to compete with over 900 stores under its corporate parent's banner to get attention, it might be difficult for customers to get exactly what they need.

Formally Modern Tuxedo takes an old concept and makes it new again - specifically putting the customer first. It means attention to detail and knowing a face instead of just an order on a screen. Everything from the custom-designed stores to the top-of-the-line merchandise is geared toward smoothly guiding you through the process of renting or purchasing men's attire while totally taking the pain and dread out of the experience.

Formally Modern Tuxedo Stores

How do we ensure you enjoy your experience?

Valid question. No surgery required. We've made it a great environment with a big screen TV, wi-fi, the right fashions, wedding invites at 50% off, awesome accessories and a sales force that gets it. We're working to make it pleasant for guys and girls to shop with us. At the same time. Amazing, but true.

At Formally Modern Tuxedo, each location is tailored to meet your needs with a sales force that's empowered to make decisions about your specific order. You're not dealing with the mindset of a huge conglomerate but individual locations that cater to you.

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Choosing the right style.

Offering the latest in fashion forward tuxedos and suits.

You prefer classic to modern, slim fit, black or grey? You're not sure? We have you covered whatever your tastes may be. Our salesforce is not letting you out the door unless they think you look like a million bucks. They're very particular. Fun, but particular about fashion. It's a healthy attribute to have when you're in the fashion business. And, you may have already noticed, far too uncommon in retail stores. Go figure.

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Why Choose Us?.

We Care. We work hard, stay long hours & make a lot of sacrifices. This is not 'work' for us. We genuinely love what we do and are passionate about this business. We also love and appreciate our customers. Let us show you the difference.

Our Mission.

Our goal is to do everything in our power to meet your needs and make this experience as pleasant as possible. We want to develop a relationship with you and give you the recognition you deserve when you come into one of our locations.

What we Do.

We offer a variety of tuxedos and suits for rental. We create custom clothing tailored to your needs and offer wedding invitations to make your special day the best it can be. To all of our customers, we thank you for your support. Please let us know how we are doing.

Formally Modern Tuxedo

Where Fashion Is Our Passion

To all of our customers, thank you for your support. Our goal is to do everything in our power to meet your needs and make this experience as pleasant as possible. Please let us know how we are doing.